A Hub for Enjoying the Unique Flavor of a Fishing Town
Lined with fishing boats, the Uchikawa River flows right outside your villa. The riverside is dotted with numerous banya, traditional workshops used by fishermen. The surface of the water changes with the time of day and season, and overhead, sea birds take to the skies. Relax to their cries, and enjoy the unique flavor of this frank yet kindly fishing town.
Machiya Renovations
For generations, Shinminato was a densely populated fishing town. Houses were built in the machiya, or townhouse style, very narrow in width and built one up against the other. This gives the town its unique appearance, with houses lined up to closely follow the curving banks of the Uchikawa River. The MINKA Riverside Villas opened following the full renovation of two, nearly century-old machiya located along the river.
From a Small House to a Small Hotel
A "hotel" generally refers to Western-style accommodations with at least 10 rooms. In 2018, however, a revision to regulations eliminated the distinction between a ryokan, or inn, and a hotel. We turned to the Latin roots of the word "hotel" (hospes, or hospitality), and decided that even in these small, private villas, we would do everything possible to offer our guests a comfortable, fulfilling experience.
Two Types of Sea Birds, Two Villas
The MINKA Riverside Villas offers two accommodations: Kamome (Seagull) and Umineko (Black-tailed gull). Both are sea birds of the genus Laridae, but they have completely distinct biologies. Seagulls are migratory birds that visit Japan in the winter. They're cute, with characteristic big, round eyes. Black-tailed gulls, on the other hand, live in Japan year-round, indigenous birds who love staying near home. They can be spotted by the sharp beaks and long, slender eyes that give them an elegant appearance.
About Green Note Label
Green Note Label, owner and operator of the MINKA Riverside Villas, is based in Toyama and is engaged in creating places that contribute to the local community.
We act as project producers, working to maximize the value of the Hokuriku region's unique natural environment and renovating historical buildings.
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